Wednesday 29 June 2016

Best Game File Hosting Service

When you are modding games, or making maps, or assembling patches, theres one thing that often haunts your imagination - where am I gonna upload a big mod as this? Then you might consider that you can break the file into small parts and upload each and every part as different files, but shouldn't there be an easier way?

Well, let me introduce you to LoneBullet ( - a haven for modders! On LoneBullet, there are no size restrictions for your files. You can upload files of unlimited size and share with as many people as you want. Also there are no bandwidth caps, which means the world can download all your files at 100 MBPS without any speed throttling or lowering. Your uploaded files remain on the LoneBullet server indefinitely -we don't remove files that are not downloaded in x number of days!

As long as your files fall within our TOS - you can keep em comin! Hope you find our service useful.

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