Tuesday 28 February 2017

New Origin for Weapons in Widescreen Resolutions of Counter Strike

Are you tired of the weapons hogging the edge of the screen and not letting you see the enemy when you absolutely had a clear view - and getting called a noob for your CS skills when you actually just hate the gun placement? Well, if you answered yes, then this patch is for you.

What this Weapon fix for CS does is that it gives you new skins for the weapons in the game. In these skins, the origin of the weapons is shifted a little towards the center instead of that far right corner enabling you to better see your enemy.

This download is provided courtesy of LoneBullet. If you mod for CS or have some mods lying around, then we urge you to please upload your mods collection to LoneBullet and help us expand our collection.

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod for GTA 5

Graphics and gameplay are what can make a game go flop or to the top, and Grand Theft Auto is one game series that has managed to strike the perfect balance between these two. Nevertheless, the game modding community can never sit back and relax on their old achievements, so they have further increased the graphics capability of GTA 5 by releasing an Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod for GTA 5.

This mod is heavy in size and graphics capabilities, and improves the overall look and feel of the game. It does not affect the gameplay, except a 10% drop in framerate when using this mod, but, that is a good trade seeing the graphic enhancements this mod offers!

Many of the textures are in 4K. It has added 4K rain and 4K cloud textures. Reflections and depth of field (occlusion) effects have been revamped, and reflections level of detail has been improved. This mod will look best with anti aliasing applied to the max.

File size is 300MB and you can get it as always from LoneBullet for free: Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod for GTA 5.

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