Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hidden and Dangerous [Deluxe Version] Full Game for free download!

Hidden and Dangerous is a series set during the second world war. This game is an interesting first person, second person, and third person shooter all combined into one. You are given a four man commando squad to complete the missions, which are well into enemy territory. The ability to switch between first person and third person view is really what made me like this game so much! The gameplay is simplistic, but interesting, and graphics are top notch vis-a-vis a DirectX8 game can deliver.

You can download the full deluxe version of Hidden and Dangerous free from LoneBullet - www.lonebullet.com right now! So, what are you waiting for? Head over and enjoy the game you played all night when you were a kid!

Download 1848 Full Game for FREE!

Finding free games from the internet is a tough job even in today's world as no one wants you to actually get the game for free, but just take your details and use them. 1848 is set during the violent era of the Hungarian Independence War of 1848-49. 1848 was a year of revolutions. Most of the uprisings were crushed quickly, but Hungary was an exception. In cooperation with Hussar Games, Battlefront.com is thrilled to release 1848, a turn based strategy game for the PC. In a unique and exciting twist however, 1848, the full and complete version, is available to the gaming public from LoneBullet - www.lonebullet.com totally free.

Download 1848 game free at the best speeds, with resume support, and direct download link! Great speeds all over the world! No country blocking!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Adjust Counter Strike gamma settings more than default!

If you are an avid gamer, or were an avid gamer, you have obviously heard of the best extension or gaming mod of half-life - Counter Strike. This mod swept the gaming community so bad, that standalone version were released and newer versions with improved graphics are emerging. Counter Strike is what unites gamers in a hostel, its what helps in making non-violent face-offs between student groups possible.

Sometimes, you would not like the gamma settings of Counter Strike. Even when you change them from the inbuilt settings options. So, we have for free download the best aftermarket gamma adjuster for Counter-Strike. This works on Counter-Strike 1 and not any other. Might work on Condition Zero, but is not tested. You can download the counter strike gamma adjuster for free from LoneBullet - www.lonebullet.com with direct download link!