Friday 15 April 2016

Phalzyr Trainer For Sid Meier's Pirates Free Download

This is the best trainer for Sid Meier's Pirates that is available for download. All you need to do is run this trainer while the game is running and you can:
  • Never Age - Stay 18 forever (this will lock the year to whatever your start year is.
  • Be 18 In Sword Fight - Don't get punished for being old in sword fights. Doesn't lock year
  • Happy Crew - Keeps your crew happy as long as you have a descent amount of gold upon you
  • Rich / Well Stocked Shops - Makes town stores have a lot of gold and supplies.
  • Lock Camera's Zoom - Stops the camera from zooming in and out so darn much when getting near land.
  • Auto Dance - Always make the right moves while dancing.
  • Always Graceful - When Dancing Make perfect moves. Must have auto dance on.
  • Lock cities in the known state - You can always get their info
  • Change settlements into towns with/without a chance to become pirate havens. Change Jesuit missionaries into other types. (These towns can't be attack but can do everything else a town can.)
And many more. This trainer give you around 50 new options to try in the game and you can assign them to hotkeys, like ctrl+shift+F1 to use with switching apps using alt-tab as most trainers make you do!

So what are you waiting for? Download phalzyr trainer sid meiers pirates for free from LoneBullet -